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An otome game (乙女ゲーム, meaning girl or ‘maiden’ game) is a story based video game Diabolik Lovers Otome Game Download Pc English. Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal is an Anime, Adventure, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game offered by DiaLover. During the gameplay, the player. Every user has admired the entertaining plot of the Diabolik Lovers More, Blood PC game. Above users have rated this PC game and they all.

– Diabolik Lovers Download English Pc

Every user has admired the entertaining plot of the Diabolik Lovers More, Blood PC game. Above users have rated this PC game and they all. Here you will get a direct download link to download the Diabolik Lovers: Vandead Carnival PC game. Looking for a newly introduced PC game.


– Diabolik lovers pc game


Keeping you updated on the latest in English otome games! Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is больше информации develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of the several other characters. Plot The heroine, Yui Komori is a positive-thinking girl who nevertheless is troubled by seeing spirits and experiencing poltergeist phenomena.

She ends up having to источник one of them to drink her blood. Players will form relationships with personalities inspired by famous historical figures including Detective Homes, Jack the Ripper, lovegs more—but be cautious, as player choices are as likely to lead to love посетить страницу источник they are to more sinister ends.

We intend to commission 50, or so words. Possibly more. A payment will be sent through Paypal whenever ascene has been finished scenes are generally around 3, dizbolik long. The price rate will be set by you. The deadline to apply is April diabolik lovers pc game, Thank you. Diabolik Lovers Otome Game Download Pc English A payment will be sent through Paypal whenever ascene has been finished scenes are generally around 3, words long.

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It has engaged a huge number of clients later on its send off on Oct 24, date. All fans were hanging tight for Oct 24, , on the grounds that the studio had declared the send off of this game on this date. This Drama, Romance-themed PC game is rapidly bouncing the positions towards the best position. You will cherish the difficulties this game component has in its single-player mode. Clients have liked it when the game kept going refreshed on Dec 15, Numerous designers have worked energetically on this PC game, which has acquired supporters.

Players have compensated this PC game with incredible surveys subsequent to attempting its TPP gaming mode. Below are some steps, Go through it to Install and play the game. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Advertisements.

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Necessary Necessary. So I should be good right? Hey I have a question. Will there be a possible English patch for the Nintendo switch version? Although i have a newer version of the switch and still need to wait for a jailbreak for it. But will there be a possibility? I just wanna say thank you so much for this patch!!!! Keep working hard and thanks so much again! I sent an email yesterday asking for the English patch along with proof of purchase hope what I sent was sufficient.

I have never had a PS Vita but am interested in playing the game and getting the patch. I do not know much about any PS Vitas so was wondering which one I should buy or what are the requirements I should look for when purchasing one or will I be having to do all of that myself after purchasing it?

I think the safest way is to purchase a new Playstation vita, any firmware that are lower or equal to 3. Hello, I know this is the wrong place to write questions but, when you will finish translate brothers conflict? You said that you need firmware below 6. How would I know whether a ps vita I buy has the correct firmware to use this patch?

I just bought the game cartridge and I am currently waiting for it to come in. Thank you for your support! Hello, i bought this game for my PSP about 2 years back and then my charger gave out before i could test the game out. Will i still be eligible to get the english patch? I have a custom PSV firmware using enso so that henkaku is permanently installed, will this work with the patch?

Is this patch available still? I am planning to get a ps vita for just the Diabolik Lovers games. Dont want to buy it if it is not available. So if I buy the game on ebay will a screenshot of the purchases work? I plan to buy it, but I would like to wait to make sure an ebay purchase works. I bought diabolik lovers more blood haunted bride limited v.

Also want to know if the patch is still available? They could be scammers. Hi, I installed the game from my henkaku vita, not bought My vita is pirated already, and I downloaded the game from the pirated installer for games.

Will I need to send a proof and will it work on my vita? You still have to buy the game. The patch works flawlessly with legit purchased copies.

Hi i have the limited v edition that has both haunted bridal and more blood in it would the patch still work? I think yes but you might need to customize something to get it working.

My best bet would be get the single Limited V Edtion. Hi there! I just have a question that I hope you will be able to answer.

Before I decide to go buying the game and also jailbreaking my vita. Thanks Hope this help! Like previous commentors before making a purchase I just wanted to check if your still sending patches.

I bought the game and have a vita. I messaged the tumbler account. I am seeking to get the patch for this game if possible. Maybe try sending again would help? Let me know if you need anything else. Excuse me but how much is the Translated game cost and why do u have to have a laptop to be able to get the game and also does the game come by the end of the month?

In a comment above you said you bought it on the PSN store, is this it? I just wanted to let you know that I sent my proof of purchase on the email that you provided above. Thank you! So i need to buy the game from the vita store not from amazon to make the patch work???

Or i can download the patch if i buy the game from amazon???? Hello I need some help, do you have any idea how I can buy the game now so I can get the patch? Can I play this without Playstation Vita memory card? My computer RAM is 8. I immediately took the time to spend over hundreds of dollars buying a ps vita jailbroken, and 3 copies of the game, two for ps vita since I lost my first copy, and the grand edition for switch. Please read the instruction carefully.

Making this game available to more people particularly as the Vita is entering its end of life would mean so much to me. Are you sure the emulator works similar to a hacked vita that used repatch plugin to patch games? My husband let slip he is buying me this for Christmas! Is that patch still available?

If not totally fine too! Have a great holiday season! Facebook YouTube Email Discord. Diabolik Lovers English Fan Translations. The English fan translation patch for the Vita version was released on August 16, PLOT The heroine, Yui Komori, is a positive-thinking girl who, nevertheless, is troubled by seeing spirits and experiencing poltergeist phenomena.

Yui Komori. Ayato Sakamaki. Kanato Sakamaki. Laito Sakamaki. Shuu Sakamaki. Reiji Sakamaki. Subaru Sakamaki. People purchased the game and downloaded the patch. Proofreading, editing, beta testing, and a lot of copyediting! Image editing, managing, recruiting, repacking, beta testing, bug fixing. Translated 11 scripts, mainly Ayato ones. Also proofread a lot of scripts! Translated 6 scripts, mainly Laito ones and 2 of Ayato ones.

The patch is only used for the Playstation Vita version of the game. Character Profiles. System Messages. The game itself. Either the game cart or digital version would work. Your Playstation Vita memory card must have at least 3GB of storage left.

Can I play this? How to jailbreak vita? Do you have plan to translate anything else? I have the PSP copy of the game, can I play this? Unfortunately, no. The patch only worked for PlayStation vita.

Resi August 18, at am – Reply. Will the patch work if I have the game on PS4 but use remote play? Tiana Foster April 25, at pm – Reply. Thank you for all of your hardwork on this game, Ive seen reddit posts complaining about how the patch is not free.

Chris August 21, at pm – Reply. Elsha April 19, at pm – Reply. You can buy it off the Japanese Playstation vita store. Airi August 23, at am – Reply.

Catarina September 6, at pm – Reply. Lacie August 24, at pm – Reply. Fabiola September 2, at am – Reply. MeganeGirl September 2, at am – Reply. Yes it does work with 3. Cararina September 6, at am – Reply. Catarina September 7, at am – Reply. Katie October 20, at pm – Reply. Ari September 24, at am – Reply. Lulu October 15, at am – Reply. Did you receive the patch? Your email might be accidentally marked as spam. Jai November 1, at am – Reply. Yoonsi November 1, at am – Reply.

Lilia November 2, at pm – Reply. Day November 2, at pm – Reply. Ana November 8, at pm – Reply. Lily November 10, at pm – Reply. Lily November 11, at am – Reply. Sanny November 15, at pm – Reply. Raleigh Mendoza December 7, at am – Reply. Sandra December 14, at pm – Reply. Emily December 15, at pm – Reply. Lacey February 6, at pm – Reply. Jey December 18, at am – Reply. Luca Jabami January 13, at am – Reply. Hello, I am wondering if I could have the patch and if it is still available to get?

Yes we will still giving patch for people purchased the game. Pearl January 19, at am – Reply.

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