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Add your vote. As you can imagine, Desert Strike is heavily influenced by the Gulf War. In the game, there is a new war in the Middle East, declared from a mad dictator on the U. You have to control an Apache helicopter during four long missions, trying to rescue desert strike download windows 10 and destroy enemy bases and weapons.

The designer, Mike Posehn, puts a lot of attention to the movement of the helicopter. The game uses an desert strike download windows 10 view, but realistic 3D models were used to create the sprites of the vehicle. The physics of the movement is also very elaborate, with a dynamic camera system that travels on an elliptic curve to improve the field of view. Posehn worked several months on the movement of dowwnload screen to make it perfect. With nonlinear gameplay, side mission, cutscenes, great graphics and animation, Desert Strike is a very modern and advanced game.

Http:// not a surprise that it was a commercial success desert strike download windows 10 one of the top games for the Mega Drive. Gary Roberts and David Colclough worked on the Amiga version, increasing the quality eownload an already great game. They improved the graphics, using the Extra Half Brite mode to create shadows and bring the game to 64 colors instead of They also deesrt sampled sound effects and extra music and cutscenes, making Desert Strike one of the best games ever created for the Amiga.

Review нажмите чтобы перейти Manu Published: 3 May am. I thought about this game three days ago, and here you desert strike download windows 10 it! Would you like to add перейти на источник comment or game review? Click here. Toggle navigation.

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Desert strike download windows 10. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf


You are in the correct place then. Most of the apps available on Google play store or iOS Appstore are made exclusively for mobile platforms. But do you know you can still use any of your favorite Android or iOS apps on your laptop even if the official version for PC platform not available?

Yes, they do exits a few simple tricks you can use to install Android apps on Windows machine and use them as you use on Android smartphones. Here in this article, we will list down different ways to Download Desert Strike on PC in a step by step guide.

It has got really good rating points and reviews. Desert Strike is currently not available on Google play store.

Most of the apps these days are developed only for the mobile platform. But Android emulators allow us to use all these apps on PC as well. Read on. The game many Genesis players enjoyed is still here. You have three main weapons consisting of machine guns, Hellfire missiles, and Hydra rockets, all of which have a certain amount of ammo.

Fuel and armor are also not infinite, so you’ll need to replenish them all whenever you run low. This lends the game a level of strategy, as it means you can’t just zip around doing whatever you wish.

Other features of the game include an assortment of copilots with varying abilities for you to choose from before you take flight with the ability to rescue more copilots , controls for the helicopter that are pretty simple arrow keys for movement, with separate keys for the weapons and “jinking” , and four missions to fight through.

I know four missions doesn’t sound like a lot at first, but each mission has multiple objectives to be completed, so you’ll be playing for at least a few hours. You’ll be taking out radar dishes and SAM sites among other targets , capturing generals and enemy soldiers, and picking up agents and downed pilots. Oh, and don’t bother looking for save points, as you’ll be getting a password at the end of each mission instead.

In short, all the things that made the Genesis original what it was are here. However, Gremlin Interactive chose to make a few changes. The first thing you’ll notice is the music. Rather than go with a straight port of the original Genesis tunes, the music was redone in a “remix” fashion. You’ll recognize the music at times, but it has a distinctly different feel. You’ll also notice that the cinemas got a considerable color boost over the Genesis ones, and in some cases, were redrawn entirely.

Another adjustment comes with the sound effects, resulting in guns, missiles and explosions that possess a higher level of realism. However, not every alteration went well. Then I think you’ll find your F-keys work normally under everyday Windows use too. Oooh I say. Andy -2 points. Andy -3 points DOS version. I can’t seem to bring up the map Tried pressing “0” or “F10” but no joy.

Sid James 4 points. Charles Hawtrey 3 points. Kenneth Williams 3 points. Charles, you dirty old sauce! You should know better. I’ll be sure to tell Matron! Delilah 3 points. Gary 6 points.

What is the best version? My opinion is, that the Amiga version looks best but the framerate is a low for today. The explosions and sound effects are great. The PC version is really fluid, but the explosions look really lame compared to amiga and there are no speech samples.

The Genesis was the first version and is a little between. Very fluid, the explosions are not so bad but also not so huge like amiga , but the menu for example or the mission screen with your targets looks very simple.

On amiga everything looks like the apache dashboard. Desert Strike! I remember this as a HARD one! Reyce -1 point. FoNUS -1 point Amiga version. Erik 0 point DOS version. Barack Obama -9 points DOS version.


Desert Strike: Return to The Gulf Download ( Arcade action Game) – You may also like


Review by: Manu Published: 3 May am. I thought about this game three days ago, and here you have it! Would you like to add your comment or game review? Click here. Toggle navigation. See All Downloads. Download for Mac. Download for PC. Browse By Genre. For me, until we get to go over the top and across the bog of the Somme, the desert will do just fine. Just how real is Conflict: Desert Storm compared to the real war in the desert?

While in the game you have to worry about being shot in the face by an Iraqi bullet, in reality, as a Brit, you had a greater chance of being shot in the back by an American one. Then of course there was the extreme heat, the dust and lack of water.

The only extremes you face in front of a PC are tiredness, obesity and incontinence. Just be glad Conflict: Desert Storm is a game. If you want the real experience, put on a gimp suit, turn up the central heating, set your PC in front of a treadmill and gaffer tape mobile phones to your ears to simulate the effect of being in constant contact with depleted uranium.

You’ve Seen it on TV, you’ve read about it in the newspapers, now you can finally play this second-rate squadbased shooter budget release. The only problem is that it ain’t as good as its similarly flawed sequel, both based in and around the sandy bits of Iraq. Set in those bad ol’ pre-liberation days, it’s your job to prepare the way for George Bush Snr’s forces; blowing up Scuds, infiltrating airbases and sneaking around right under Saddam’s evil nose. Hell, while you’re in , you might as well have a poke around for some weapons of mass destruction as well.

It might just save some time in the long run. With a clunky control system and stealth that doesn’t quite work, Conflict: Desert Storm isn’t a patch on realismbound peers like Operation Flashpoint or Rogue Spear. It’s a passable shooter with a few decent levels, but most of your carefully planned assaults degenerate into formless scrambles against the braindead Al of the Iraqi crack troops. Being able to choose between playing as US or British troops is a nice option, but the game really hasn’t aged well.

Timeliness is one of the few things this squad-based shooter gets right–you just know someone wants to live out the war in Iraq from the safety of the sofa. But I wouldn’t blink if U. The U. Delta Force puts up such a piss-poor fight in this game, playing through it might actually boost the Republican Guard’s morale.

Uncle Sam’s boys can’t shoot straight, even with auto-aim, and the Iraqis are unstoppable bullet-sponges with extrasensory perception. I’ve seen some bad guys teleport through objects. I’ve seen others just stand in the sand, waiting to get gunned down while their buds pursue me with lethal gung-ho gusto.

And my fellow Delta operatives I felt as if I had to hold their hands and guide them everywhere. The addition of the three new attack weapons is a huge plus! A great game for the Genesis! Now this is how a sequel should be! Jungle Strike has everything Desert Strike had and more. More targets, more vehicles, and more missions! Speaking of missions, they’re huge! The best part is that you’re not limited to just a helicopter.

The hovercraft, motorcycle, and stealth fighter are perfect additions. A definite improvement over the original. The game play is far better with more control and more variety! The addition of new vehicles is awesome! The graphics are much smoother and detailed. The sound effects are also improved.

The levels are huge and challenging and the storylines for the missions are cool. This simulator has a lot of ground to cover, with tons of targets to obliterate! Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite so fun as blowing up a dictator’s dream of world conquest, so right off the bat I like this game! It gets a little repetitive, but the action is right on! The son of the Madman is back to avenge his father’s death in this meg sequel to Desert Strike!

With the help of a powerful South American Drug Lord and his private army, they plot to build nuclear weapons to destroy Washington DC.

Now you must come out of your retirement and take out this vicious madman. Rescue hostages, capture commanders, and recover stolen nuclear weapons while defeating the drug lord’s army. The battles come alive as the graphics are viewed from a pseudo 3-D perspective and the sound of the gunfire explodes with crisp digitization. Grab your helmet and prepare for battle! Desert Strike , the mother 7 of all helicopter war strategy games, will look like a sissy compared to Jungle Strike, a game coming soon from Electronic Arts.

To protect Washington, D. This time, you control four new combat vehicles, including a Comanche helicopter, an Armed Attack Hovercraft, a Special Forces motorcycle, and even a Stealth Fighter. Blast your way into nine top-secret campaigns, including battles through Washington, D. Madman Jr. Your opponents include 26 new pains in the armor, including enemy choppers, ground weapons that move and shoot, Patriot missile launchers, nuclear subs, M1 Abrams battletanks and Humvees.

Old Striker s will welcome the challenge, while new Strikers will quake with fear. Jungle Strike will delight fans of Desert Strike and pick up a few newcomers along the way. Strap in, ‘cuz the desert scum are as thick as jungle foliage, and you’re gonna need to clear ’em out.

The war has just begun! The rebel forces from Desert Storm have taken refuge deep within the African jungles. Once again, you must pilot the highly advanced helicopter across enemy lines and flush out the vermin before they can strike again. Jungle Strike offers the same strategic fun as Desert Strike but with 16 Meg behind it, this game offers more enemies to destroy, more obstacles to avoid and more missions to keep your trigger finger firing away!

Start out by getting briefed on the upcoming situation. Learn all about the rebel forces strengths and weaknesses plus their favorite hiding places. Then load up your chopper with missiles, guns and fuel and head into the steamy jungle to fight for peace.

Lock and load! The helicopter handles just like the real version and is just as deadly. Use the radar to locate your targets and possible refuel and reload stations. Saving captured hostages can earn you more armor plating, too!

The inhospitable jungles beckon your return for peace. You fly and shoot your chopper into nine jungle campaigns. Strike remains true to the bit original; even the cinematics are here. The control is awesome, but shooting is tricky. You must find the right angle before you can hit small targets. Additionally, the graphics are clear and detailed – a magnifying glass isn’t required. Another plus is the lack of slowdown. Chopper sounds and a decent soundtrack make the game easy on the ears, but when you’re low on gas or armor, the constant warning beep may kill your ears before the elements do.

Andy said on Forum :. I love the all of the strike series, But i am still waiting for Nuclear Strike to become freeware! Browse games Game Portals. Jungle Strike. Install Game. Game review Downloads Screenshots 63 Cheats 12 Discussion 2. Welcome to The Jungle Divided into nine campaigns, Jungle takes the play mechanics of the first game and adds diversity. More Diversity Jungle has stages ranging from the desert to snow-covered mountains to the White House!

Sky’s the Limit Jungle took its sweet time arriving, and it may be nearly identical to the Genesis version, but those grounded to the Super NES will want to give it a shot. ProTips: Run down the foot soldiers with the hovercraft to save time in the second campaign. The stealth fighter has unlimited ammunition and fuel, but it can be used only for hit-and-run tactics.

Overall rating: 7.

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