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Jun 08,  · Copy an area of a PDF (Reader DC application only, not browser) The Snapshot tool copies an area as an image that you can paste into other applications. Choose Edit > Take A Snapshot. Drag a rectangle around the area you want to copy, and then release the mouse button. Press the Esc key to exit Snapshot mode. In another application, choose Edit > Paste . Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents. And now, it’s connected to the Adobe Document Cloud − making it easier than ever to work across computers and mobile devices. Jan 15,  · I wasted hours with the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC being unable to copy and paste pages, and not finding anything useful in the system documentation. My workaround was to save a copy of the file and Insert Pages – From file, but it was very slow going. Great that this feature hasn’t been degraded by the system ‘upgrade’.

How to extract pages from a PDF.6 Fixes to Try When Adobe Acrobat Reader Can’t Open PDF Files on Windows

How to Insert Image into PDF with Adobe Reader DC Free. 1. Copy the image from its source. Yes, at least I do not know for any other option/way to duplicate same page. If you are using Acrobat DC go to Tools > Organize Pages then extract > insert. Perhaps the easiest way is to first show the Pages pane (on the left, View > Show/Hide > Show navigation panes > Pages thumbnails) and hold down the fn+option.


How to Duplicate Pages in Adobe Acrobat (PC & Mac).


Before implementing any of the fixes, make sure the problem isn’t occurring only with one PDF. Check any other file in the software. If all other files work fine, redownload the PDF or recall it from the source you got it from earlier. Many processes continue to run in the background even after we close the program. It means that closing and reopening Adobe Acrobat without closing these processes won’t count as a fresh start.

Therefore, you must close all associated processes in the Task Manager before closing the main program and reopening it. Follow the below steps to do so:. Close all relevant tasks one by one, then close the main program. If the issue is not resolved, start implementing the following fixes. Whenever you run an app as an administrator , it has full access to all files of your operating system that would otherwise be restricted.

As such, the first fix you should try is to run Adobe Acrobat Reader as an administrator. If Windows is stopping Adobe from opening PDF files due to missing or corrupted permissions, running it as administrator will fix the issue. You can run Adobe Acrobat as an administrator by simply left-clicking on the icon and tapping Run as administrator.

If the software is working well now and opening PDFs normally, consider making this setting the default for Adobe Acrobat. However, these steps can also be performed in the Page Thumbnails pane.

The Enable multiple page selection option at the bottom of the Organize Pages screen see figure 4 lets you select multiple consecutive or nonconsecutive pages without using the keyboard. The Enable multiple page selection option should now appear at the bottom of the Organize Pages screen. Figure 1. Page Thumbnails Pane. After that, drag the copied page to place it in the right location and click “Apply”.

Except for duplicate PDF pages, you may sometimes want to manage the pages in your PDF like splitting, cropping, rotating, etc. This program is designed for Windows users to modify PDFs. With its help, you can add header and footer to PDF , insert date, replace pages, or even rearrange PDF pages effortlessly.

Apart from that, it is also a versatile PDF viewer, editor, and converter, which will simplify your work and study a lot. Here in this article, you can learn three methods to copy and paste pages in your PDF document without hassle, and which one do you prefer? After that, you may paste the copied page to anywhere you want.

Open the PDF you want to copy in the Preview. Select the page you want to copy in the thumbnail view. For multiple pages, select by clicking them while holding down the “Shift” or “Ctrl” key on the keyboard. Then, click on the “Duplicate Page” sign on the Toolbar. More about that later. Launch PDFelement – even the free trial version lets you edit documents. Open the PDF file into which you want to insert the image.

Click the “Edit” button at the top and then click on the “Add Image” icon in the toolbar below it. Navigate to the image file in the new dialog box that opens up, choose your image, and hit the “Open” button.


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